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hi my computer which uses WIN98 4.10.98 as OS does not recognize SONY CD-RW CRX230E (52X32X52) as a writer.It works well as a standard cdrom but not as a writer. nero is loaded in the computer but neither nero nor device manager recognizes sony as a writer. i loaded SONYCDEXTREME1[1].3.390SETUP.EXE driver package but nothing has changed.My computer is very old, guess a 486 so i have to use win98(not win98 Se).if anyone has any information about how can i run sony as a writer in my pc, thanks in advance.
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  1. according to the sony your writer is not supporting windows 98 , it supports 98 SE and up.
  2. You should have no trouble with 98 se. Its essentially a service patch.
    Put in some more info of your system and and we'll see
    Upgrading to 98se or me should be possible.
    Im guessing your rather attached to your setup
    I have old versions of 98 se and ME to upgrade you if you want to try.
    I have a system Im cleaning up with 98se explorer 6 or 7 outlook 6 and it runs fine with cable modem.
    I actually have to think sometimes when I need to do a system change as it is a little different in XP. Not as much as you would think though.
    Im impressed how far 98 can be streched.
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