"BOTTIFIED", malwared and bewildered! HEEEELP!!

Have never asked any question on a forum before now so PLEASE bare with me!! PLEASE DISREGARD THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH AS IT ONLY PROVIDES BACKGROUND INTO GATEWAY'S HORRENDOUS (IMO) "Service?"!

Purchased a Gateway GM5664 in Jan 2008 and had trouble right out of the box. Constant BSOD's at every turn. Never even experienced what's called "OoBE=Out of the Box Experience". Concluded from the numerous BSOD's that the motherboard was most probably the culprit (my gut technical instinct told me if I got the BSOD just playing a cd as well as when booting up and when going online, felt my technical intuition was correct). "Repair" took offense to this suggestion and did anything & everything BUT replace the "MoBo" until the 1 year warranty was about up and I told 'em I was writing corporate and that I had the names and badge #'s of the 20+ odd gate-keepers who kept blowing me off!! And I'd sent the PC back 5 times for replacing many components. the time they said they'd "repaired the main board/Motherboard", which I told 'em was a CROCK, I then explained that I'd an EEET degree and had worked designing printed wiring boards for 3 years at AT&T Bell Labs MV using their in-house "ISDN" CAD/CAM and rarely, if ever in that time, was a "repair" to a board ever done (except for prototypes) - & what really occurred was actually called "PWB REPLACEMENT"!! Sorry but if this helps give anyone else any idea as to how to handle similar situations with large corporations it's worth mentioning.

Anywho, I had an "acquaintance/ friend" with 20+ years IT experience networking 'puta's & w/PC's who I'd brought my still "virgin" computer to have install some new hardware. I now believe that he may have installed/ reconfigured the software as a means of monitoring my internet activities and/ or to gather personal information as to my usage (as he has several computers, two of which are servers-which I don't fully understand the purpose of). Without going into more detail, I have Norton 360 that tells me I have 32K+ program/ file "vulnerabilities" of which I have no idea what/ how/ why they are now part of my 'puta. I have some knowledge, more than a novice but much less than a pro, but even after reinstalling my OS I still have these questionable programs/ files that I don't know how to get rid of. I used the restore cd's though I did not remove the battery or disconnect/ remove any connectors, i.e. cpu, memory cards or the jumper that allows reset for the BIOS. #1QUESTION: Would doing any of these have helped "restore" and remove any possible "bot/spyware" that could be affecting my system? My 'puta doesn't seem to belong to me like it use to and I'm not sure why! #2QUESTION: What procedure can I do that will clear out ANY/ALL bot/ malware that could possibly have been put deep down into my system's registry to "control and/ or monitor" my system?? I can't even add a new user account anymore even though I have been through "Services" and checked/changed any dependencies that are necessary for adding one. It denies me the access/ permission?? I also noticed a "TrustedInstaller" in my permissions that I've never noticed before.??

And finally, #3QUESTION: I'm in the process of updating drivers; Motherboard, CPU, BIOS, Video card, Network Adapter and TV Tuner are the main ones I can think of so I am looking for any guidance with insights as to how best to do this and thus update my system as well as regain my permissions, my control and my oversight of MY computer!!!

The system has an ECS MCP61PM-GM main/ Motherboard with an AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core version x64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 2 processor @ 2.3 Ghz w/ )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG (date 1/17/2008) v/GATEWA - 42302e31 w/ALL 4 memory slots used (2-1024 Mb & 2-512Mb) with an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT w/256Mb RAM Video card and an NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Network Adapter w/Service Name "NVNET" with a Windows Driver Package ViXS Systems Inc. PureTV-U v/(05/22/2007 tuner as well as containing 1 Tb internal storage w/2 WDC 500Gb HDD's all running on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 w/IE 8.0.6001.18999.

I really thank you all who've taken the time to slog through all of this and to help me gather the information to do what I believe I need to do. I thank you in advance for any & all suggestions you may have that will help me in my endeavor. Thanks to you all. P.S. GMER rootkit detector fails whenever I've tried to run it.????
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    Did you format the hard disk before you reinstalled your OS? If you did then there should not be anything untoward on your machine. Click this link for aford10s guide to removing malware and see how you go on
  2. mibix19 said:
    Did you format the hard disk before you reinstalled your OS? If you did then there should not be anything untoward on your machine. Click this link for aford10s guide to removing malware and see how you go on

    mibix19, can you elaborate/ or guide me to the proper steps to reformatting my C: drive without the loss of data. I would like to keep my documents, music & bookmarks, if possible. I read up on the OTL and GMER article and felt blown away with OTL's great info, though a bit more technical than I feel comfortable using. GMER goes fine for 30 seconds or so then bombs BSOD so that says something's not right. I have Malwarebytes now and I see it has a reformat option but was told by a 'putahead @ BestBuy that i needed to reformat outside of windows, aka DOS commands, that I don't have any real clue about. I've been backing up my iTunes to disks (RW, DVD-R type) and used Norton 360 to backup the rest of what i hope will be saved.

    Don't have any idea how this may work (also did MBRcheck but didn't understand what it really telling me).

    If you can expand upon your idea of reformatting I would greatly appreciate it. I have restore discs from G-way and also an OS disc if this would help. Thanks in advance!! I will go reread "aford10s"'s reply now. Ciao for now. Thanks.
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  4. Hi. If you have restore discs, your computer will be returned to how you got it from new.This means it will be formatted and all your data and programs will get erased.So if you did that you will have to reinstall all your programs(except the ones on the restore disc) and back up your docs,music,pics ect.
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