How to see my house through my phone

i have 2small motor bike repairin work shops and i want to fix my pc their and vebcams to see what's going on in my work shop from my phone".i need solution for that please can some body helpme ?
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  1. I know there are monitoring/CC-TV type solutions out there, but all the good ones I know of cost money.

    My cheap n easy solution is to just install the webcam of your choice (I prefer Logitech), install TeamViewer on your PC and your phone (free), and then just remote into your shop's PC when you want to have a look. (You'll be using the webcam's software to look through the webcam). Lastly, make sure your monitor is turned off before you leave, because TeamViewer will wake up the monitor, possibly disturbing someone or alerting thieves.

    This method isn't typically recording, but Logitech's software does have a motion detecting record function (detects motion, starts recording for a preset number of minutes).

    If you want constant recording, I'd suggest getting a dedicated CCTV solution that has web/mobile capability. I know many exist, but I'm not an expert here and will leave others to comment on that front, if that's what you're looking for.
  2. You have a lot of options. The one above mentioned is a good option. You could also get an IP network camera. This would connect to your network with out the need for a dedicated computer. Many different options from wireless to cams that have PoE (Power over Ethernet) and would not need a separate power source. Motion sensor cameras that follow movement, night vision cameras. All sorts of fun stuff.
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