Heatsink advice please? core2duo e6600 on asus p5b

I could really use some advice in buying a new heatsink for my core2duo e6600. I'm using an asus p5b motherboard (vanilla) and have an antec p182 case.

I wanted to try overclocking my cpu, but right now I have core temperatures of 47/45 when idle and 67/65 when under load (I do a lot of 3d rendering which is when I'm seeing these temperatures).

I was going to go pick up an Arctic Freezer Pro 7 since they seem pretty cheap and I've heard good things about them, but wanted to ask if anyone has another recommendation or advice? (I am a novice)

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  1. It's good for the price only. Ultra 120x with a good fan is what you want
  2. I have the same CPU and case on a MSI P6N Platinum board with no over-clocking at this time. Using an Enxotech Exctreme cooler. Idle is 28-30, under load no greater than 37. I added an additional Noctua 1200 rom case fan in the middle hard drive area. Bottom case fan set on medium, top two case fans on low. Enzotech fan set around 1700rpm. Other options I would consider: Thermalright's which I've used on another setup with excellent results and the Zalman 9500.
  3. You have the same processer and mobo I have and I love my Tuniq Tower 120. At stock clocks with both CPU & HSF lapped my temps were 17-18C at idle. The second picture shows my overclock.

    By systemlord at 2007-11-12

    By systemlord at 2007-11-12
  4. I have a E6750 overclocked from 2.66 to 3.4 - with a Scythe Ninja attched, and I use OCZ thermal paste. Works really well and I don't recall it being particularly expensive about £30 I think. It can be run with or without the included 120m fan. It's huge so you need to check you have space but a good buy. Ensure you get the revision 2 version otherwise it can be a pain to fit.

    It dropped my CPU idle temp by about 15C pre overclock and post OC at idle it runs at about 22C and only rises to about 32C under load.
  5. Just about anything with 3-4 heat pipes, a large surface area, and a 120 MM Fan will work. The Ultra 120X is the top performer and way overkill (imo) for that processor. I have it on my quad.
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