Core temperature issue, please help

I'm currently running:

E6550, not overclocked
Abit I35-E mobo
2gigs 1066 ram
geforce 7900 gs
arctic cooler 7 pro
some arctic silver 5
Antec P180 Case
Antec earthwatts 430W pSU

This is my first build ever. Before attempting to overclock, I used Core Temp, but it shows my 2 cores at 60degrees Celsius IDLE! I haven't adjusted any settings in the BIOS. So I tried reapplying the arctic silver and even adjusting the position of the cooler but nothing helps.

Also, when i try to simply move a window around in XP, it lags everything and the temperatures jump to 70. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong??
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  1. howiejeon, your non-OC E6550 at 60C is way way too hot. Do some simple tests:

    1. Leave your Antec P180 case open on one side while running. Make sure that all fans running. The most important thing is your CPU fan. Is it running properly?
    2. Carefully touch the AC7 Pro heat sink. Does it feel as hot as 60C? My guess is it feels only slightly warm or even cold. If so, your AC7 is not seated correctly
    3. If the AC7 Pro heat sink does feel hot, go into the Abit BIOS and check the CPU temp there. What is the CPU temp do you read from the BIOS? Does it display something close to 60C?
    4. Does the system recognize your E6550 correctly (is the CPU speed displayed in boot screen as 2.33 GHz)?
    5. If 4 is OK, check the CPU voltage in BIOS. What is the CPU voltage the BIOS displays? (it should be close to 1.25V)

    Hope this would help you find the problem.
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