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Ok so I poured through the forum for a little while and am still a little unsure of where to start...I need a machine that I can run Dreamweaver/Photoshop/multiple internet sites all at once and something that will give me a decent gaming experience...I dont need tons of HD space or DVD burner or anything like that (I have a laptop that has that stuff) I'm looking to spend around 400 dollars but could go higher if needed. I would be so appreciative if someone could give me a bit of advice. I've put together quite a few machines in the past but have been out of the computer hardware loop for several years now.
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  1. We've had plenty of threads like "help me build a $700 gaming rig", you could look at those. I see you've already found the section where they usually are. :)

    For $400, I really don't know... I think an AMD system would be your best bet in that price range.
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