What does this mean..?


I just got my new computer built, and it's the sweetest thing I ever saw.

It runs great, but as I boot it up I've noticed a tiny little detail when the BIOS loads. It says:

"Intel CPU uCode loading error"

I've tried to fiddle around a bit inside the BIOS setup, but no matter what settings I choose, it always turns up with that same message.

Anyone know what it means, and if it's a bad thing or just doesn't matter at all?

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  1. Oh, and it's an Intel Qx6800 CPU I'm talking about.

  2. well for one the qx6800 is the biggest rip of since 8800 ultra and if it boots fine it runs fine. it's fine
  3. It means update to the latest bios. Bios is probably from before the QX6800 ever existed so its not recognizing it correctly and a BIOS update should take care of it.
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