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hey guys, Im wondering if there are any good programs to clean out my computer from files and folders that I dont use anymore. Im not looking for anti viruse/ spyware but like a utility program so it can clean out all the folders that are useless, or some files that are corrupt ect.

Anyone know of any good ones that are free ?

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  1. You are the only one that knows what files you don't use anymore, so just delete those. There is a disk cleanup wizard in windows, it removed temp files, browser temp files, things like that. Run that, and do a defrag on the hard-drive afterward.
  2. CCleaner. comes stock to delete usual unwanted junk files and has plenty of options to select other sections of your computer for deleting more files. Check it out if you haven't already.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah before I use to do in manually just delete the files and folders that I didint need but got lazy after a while lol and its just a hassle to keep up with it.
  4. 1.CCleaner & CCEnhancer
    It cleans up the registry by removing unnecessary DDLs, obsolete software as well as files, which are unused. Includes a cookies eraser and a module to consult the different restoration points of the system.

    2.Glary Utilities
    Glary Utilities allows you to repair defective shortcuts, delete history in your browser, clean the registry, delete temporary files and even to destroy malwares.

    3.PowerTools Lite 2011
    It allows users to clean the registry, delete temporary files or to delete items, which are not being used in the start up menu. The application also offers you a small tool to backup and restores your system in case of crashes.

    4.System Cleaner
    Apart from its usual cleaning functions, there is an immunizer tool to protect autorun worms from USB drives and another one to optimise windows load time by allowing you to control start up application.

    Appcleaner is related to CCleaner in terms of its function. Only available for Mac.

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