Which Program to Use for Benchmarking?

What is a decent program to use for Benchmarking?
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  1. Futuremark makes some decent benchmarking software.
  2. ^ agreed. Futuremark makes good stuff.
    But it also depends on what you're trying to benchmark... Futuremark covers several "general" areas, it doesn't give too many specifics for other areas.
  3. shnooby said:
    What is a decent program to use for Benchmarking?

    Depends what your looking to benchmark.

    For my SSD I use AS SSD and ATTO. For my RAM I use MaxxMem2.
  4. CPU.
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    CPU/RAMS/HD => Aida64
    HD => HDTune
    GPU/CPU => Futuremark / Unigine benchmarks

    those i mostly use, actually Aida64 does a good job benchmarking my cpu and rams and comparing it with other cpus
  6. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. plz choose the best answer so the thread can close :)
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