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hi guyz,

I have three gigs of ram on my pc now, all of them are the same. One pairs his dual channel memory and the other stick is the same brand,same speed same everything except is just one stick of 1 gig.

When I open my pc's I saw "memory run in flex memory mode". I supposed this mean because I can't ran with four stick it's consider not a full dual channel. But my questions his, can that affect my overclocking. It is possible because i'm running in flex mode I don't have what I need to oc.

thanks in advance for your help and sorry english is not my first langage.
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  1. well Jive, this message ("memory run in flex memory mode") is bcoz of setting in bios n coz of ur 3gig ram.
    if u have win 7, u'll notice the memory in task manager/performance, u'll see ur 800MB is in use while the time log in.. n its remains btwwn 800-900mb.
    that of no use actually.. it will jusst make ur pc slow.
    n yes yes yes....
    this is effecting ur overclocking..
    check the properties of my computer
  2. if your mobo there 4slot RAM, it mean mobo support to 16Gb or more .... mobo support 2chanel.
    your OS win7 32 just Support 3.75 used & 4Gb Installed right? if you want 4GB full go in BIOS and Memory Hole Ramping in BIOS must be DISABLED,
    win7 64 ultimate support 192Gb
    if you want OC use Dual chanel don't Triple cause Unstability your OC
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