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I'm looking for an 8 RAM slot motherboard to build a lab virtual host. I would appreciate any suggestions for a non-server class mobo that can handle 8 DIMMs.

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  1. good luck with that. ASUS P5KC LGA 775 Intel P35 supports 6 slots but only 8GB total. I dont think you are going to find a non-server 8 slot Mother board.
  2. Yeh your going to be looking for a server board im afraid... there are heaps around and they arent all that much more than normal desktop boards... Mainly Intel, Asus and Tyan are the bigger server board makers.
  3. You won't find Any.
    The Intel's are limited to 8gb total memory.
    Some of the AMDs are limited to 16gb, but good luck finding 4gb Dimms at a reasonable price.
  4. I remember some 486 boards that supported 8 bays of SIMM memory. I think it was limited to 32MB of ram though.
  5. I actually saw one board that held 16 Simms.

    I don't recall how much memory it had, but as a repair tech I was having an argument with the owner over it.

    The system kept getting memory errors with all 16 slots filled but worked fine with only 8. All the memory tested clean. Took me forever to finally agree to allow me to swap 8 higher capacities SIMMs for the 16 lower capacity SIMMs.

    The one and only board I ever saw like that.
  6. I found an interesting link while looking for this very thing tonight. I can't wait to see a Tom's review. Check it out.

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