Im going to upgrade! need advice

Hey guys.

I bought my PC about a year ago and i feel as if its time to upgrade. Basically im wondering what component i should upgrade to achieve the most noticable increase in performance.

My specs atm:
AMD x2 4400+
2 Gigs ram
Asus sli-deluxe mobo
ATI x1900xt 512mb

detailed specs :

Im looking for better performance in gaming and of course, lower frame rates!

thanks for any help
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  1. The video card would be the only thing I think would make sense. This is a good place to start

    If your looking at upgrading the CPU/mobo, you'll also need different RAM, DDR2, the following is about $475. If your gaming, you'd probably be better off putting the money into a video card. For around $375 you can get an 8600GTS.
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