2007 Excel File overwritten

How does one recover , a 2007 Excel file that was overwritten?
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  1. With a backup of he old file. If you saved it as the exact same name, you can't get the old version back. There is software that can help recover Excel files, but don't know what it will do in the case where it was saved instead of deleted. http://www.diskinternals.com/excel-recovery/
  2. You can't.
  3. That just happened to me in MS words last week. I tried and find that instead of overwritten, it is more like a new file is written and the old file is orphaned in the HDD.

    I used a data recovery software to recover it. Did a complete partition scan, found 20 or so old file and I open them all to find the one closest to what I wanted.
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    2007 Excel File overwritten
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