Considering Upgrading need some advice

Hi my machine is about a year and a half old now...and has not had any major hardware changes in that time. Half of me fancies getting a dual core rig and starting a fresh but i doubt if ill see any real performance gain to warrant all the money spent.

My rig:
Opty 148 @ 2.8 ghz
2 gig GSKILL ram
256mb XFX 7800GT

Im hoping i can get away with spending <£200 and making my machine last till the quad cores arrive!!

really appreciate your thoughts
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  1. Good old opties , very nice CPUs , even though u have a single core cpu but its still verygood , overall your still have a pretty good system , check out the charts for comparison of dual core and single core , even the slowest dual core (x2 3800) beats a FX57 (signle core @ 2.8) in some apps , so my recommendation will be this ,;

    AMD X2 4200 : £50

    this price is cheaper than OCUK and EBUYER prices

    well actually SCAN.CO.UK has a 7900GTX 512 for £117 ! , but its out of stock :

    it also has a very nice x1950 series too :

    POWER COLOR X1950XT for £136 ! , thats very nice but unfortunately its out of stock again :

    that card is awesome ,
  2. cant believe my opty can be beaten by some £50 cpu!! scary....

    Ill defintley see how much faster the X2 4200 is compared to my overclocked opty....i cant see it being that much faster but for 50 cheap as chips.

    Out of intrest is there a lot of multi thread apps out there now?

    I have a 7800 so a 7900 i dont think will be worth doing the upgrade for...thinking of maybe a 8800gts..? that should come in at around 250 all together....
  3. well 7800GT to 7900GTX , u will see a lot of difference , but if u can afford the 8800GTS then go for it definitely ,

    for CPU ,check some benchs like mulitasking and encoding and... then u will see that dual core shines in them , but in single threaded apps like many games your CPU is still awesome :)
  4. according to the interactive cpu chart, my opty is faster than an x2 4200 in everything except the multitasking tests. As my opty 148 runs at 2.8 i have selected the FX 57 to represnt it...

    may just get the 8600GTS
  5. My rig:
    Opty 148 @ 2.8 ghz
    2 gig GSKILL ram
    256mb XFX 7800GT
    So soon??????

    That is still good enough! Why don't you just wait 'till it really really need to be replaced? Just save your £200 for something better in the future!
  6. as i said blop u still have a pretty good cpu , dont get the 8600GTS ,Your 7800GT is better than that , get a x1950pro for that kind of price , dont waste your money for a 8600gts ,
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