yes another ga=p35-ds3r problem

I have searched and read the other threads and am wondering if this prob is my PSU, mobo, or both.

MB: Gigabyte ga-p5-ds3r
CPU: E4400
Video: EVGA 8600GT 256m
Memory: Kingston HyperX KHX6400D2LLK2
PSU: Corsair HX 520

First off the PSU is buzzing and the fan is spinning slow, when I tried to boot in case with just the RAM and VGA card my fans pulsed and I got nothing on screen. Tried again outside of case same black screen CPU fan spun once then nothing. I am thinking bad PSU, I know there are ram problems with this board but I bought ram off of the recommendation list on Gigabyte's website.

any help would be met with the thanks of 1000 trumpets,

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  1. You said the power supply buzzed, that is not normal regardless of the state of the motherboard, start with the PS. When you are troubleshooting, change only one thing at a time, and try the easiest first, even if it seems stupid, you will save a lot of headache.
  2. Hey RC just wanted to let u know it was the PSU, got the new one today and everything is flowing nicely. Thanks for all the help.

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