What to get: e6300 vs e4500 or wait for e4600?

One quick question guys, but not for me though. What should I get between the two performance-wise: e6300 vs e4500... or should I just wait for the debut of e4600 this October 21 and get that instead?

I use my PC mostly gaming and a little bit for video and audio editing on the side. I can get the e6300 for cheap (used/was overclocked and cheaper than the e4500s). My motherboard is an Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA. I am at the moment using a Pentium D 925 at the same computer that I am currently upgrading on a tight budget.

I'm a moderate overclocker and sometimes(ok mostly) I don't at all. Thank you and more power to THG(my bible to the world of technology)!
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  1. It kinda depends what you want. Faster fsb or better overclocker. I have an E4400 and it has at 10x multiplier. The E6300 was my original choice at 1066fsb but I've read some good things about overclocking the E4xxx series. It would be interesting to see what people come up with for the E4600. Good Luck
  2. Why do you have to wait a E4600? Just OC an E4300 or E4400!
    E6300 is not worth it! Go for E6550 if you want it!
    You still have D925. It is not that bad if you don' have much money! Care to wait a year or more and see what will Intel and AMD came up with?
  3. i think he said its not worth it because of the price of e6300 and e6550
  4. Maziar said:
    i think he said its not worth it because of the price of e6300 and e6550

    Yup! :)
  5. Alright, let me sink this in first!

    OK, I'm good.

    e4xxx it is!

    You guys never dissapoint helpless souls like me. Thanks alot. THG forever!

    (I should learn to look at sigs too next time for my next build idea! My apologies to you all for this post if deemed unecessary.)

    THG and beyond!

    By the way if e6300: L2 or B2? Which is better?
  6. BTW i went to buy a 4xxx today and they were discountinued and obviously sold out. instead i bought a e6750. But beware dude they might not have em and its wiser to buy them online.
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