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Months back I had downloaded an old version of itunes on my pc that allowed me to convert files to mp3. It was such a hassle to get this program downloaded i.e. finding the correct version, and uninstalling the new version ect, that I dont want to just uninstall it in the event that I may need it again. But i have not used it for months, so i want to remove it from my startup files to speed up my computer, but the only thing close to a solution I have seen doesnt work in my case...

I used this article to remove another program that I didnt want but found out that Itunes and Quicktime and Itunes Helper ect... were also starting up automatically. Problem is there was no way for me to disable them as that function seemed to be unable to be disabled with the apple programs in particular.

Know of any other ways to turn off Itunes and Apple at Startup in Vista without removing it?
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  1. Have you tried this: Bring up the run command & in the dialog box type msconfig
    and click ok. Go to the startup tab and uncheck anything you do not want auto starting. YOur programs will not be removed and can still be started from the All Programs menu. Hope this helps!
  2. If you just want to get a program that can make mp3 files, use or

    Will make much better quality files than iTunes.
  3. Also check Services for anything apple and set it to manual. Sometimes a service from a program will startup automatically even if you uncheck the program in msconfig
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