I performed my first (second) hard drive install!

I posted this thread not to receive accolades or some kind of reassuring pat on the back...lol. I write this because I am a noob, I think anyway, and I am very proud of myself for getting the job done. I would like to thank everyone who contributed on the forum here because I used a few threads to research how it should be done, so thank you all! I installed a second hard drive why? Because I could, simple. There was an extra bay, and an extra sata connection on the mobo, so why not?

Actually my reason goes deeper. I installed the second HD to use as a practice HD. Installing OS's like Linux, creating partitions, volumes, and swap, etc. This will be my practice HD so that I don't screw up the main HD.

Has anyone installed a HD to use as a practice HD? I am wondering? And if so, what challenges did you face? Or was it a very simple install?

Please share your experience installing a HD for the first time, and why did you install a second HD? :bounce:
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  1. Congratulations... You now have a new... baby... squid.

    Personally I can't be bothered with all of that dual-booting crap. It always ends up being a PITA.

    I have a data drive, and an OS drive. If I want to play with a different OS, I get the .ISO, or cd, or dvd (whatever), burn the necessary media, then take a trash drive and remove my primary drive, and usually my data drive's power as well. (no power, no drive in BIOS...)

    Install the trash drive, boot into bios, make sure boot order is OK, then finish booting, installing OS, etc.

    Takes a lot less time than posting this message, actually...
  2. Yeah for sure! I liked how you put it. You said, "trash drive." My thoughts exactly! I was blabbering around the office today on how I was going to destroy or wreck this new HD...ha ha. Yes, definitely a lot easier than a dual boot config, and a lot less messier.
  3. I do that all the time.
    I have my hard drives in cheap rack mounts, I just pull one out and put the other in. Much easier than pulling cables off etc.
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