Asus p5n32-SLI premium 590i Overclock Help

Hi all,

Im having some problems with my board at the moment let me give you system specififcations first quick,

Asus p5n32-SLI Premium 590i Wifi/AP Solo Edition
Intel Core2Duo E6320 @1.86GHz (4MB Chache)
2x Corsair Dominator"TWIN2x2048-6400C4D" 800MHz (4GB total Dual Channel)
BFG Nvidia Gefore 8800 GTX OC
ThermalTake Toughpower 750W PSU
Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case (+2Extra Fans)(8Fans in total inc GFX and CPU Fan)
Running Windows Vista Business 64bit

When I bought this PC Setup after 3 hours of gaming on 3D aplications the game would hard freeze the only way to get back control was to reset the PC, I never got a BSOD, memtest would hard freeze after 2-3 hours as well,

I put the Ram frequency on my motherboard settigns from 800MHz to 667Mhz and for some reason it worked perfectly no freezes no crashes, but as soon as i up the frequency anything higher I get crashes, I looked on the asus website and it says it only supports 800MHz Overclocked, well trust me ive got enough fans, theres 2 options I could do change the voltage (its at 2.1v) or change the memory timmings to increase the memory frequency (its on Auto) and I dont know the first thing about that so perhaps someone could help me with that.

My second Questions is after i sort out this Ram issue Id like to furthermore overclock the CPU to go to about 2.2GHz-2.6GHz i heard you can do that with the e6300 to perform just like an e6600, but I only want to perferably do it in Bios I dont know what VCore is or anything else like voltages and FSB so i was hopiong someone could help me with that too.

Thanks ever so much for any help you may provide in advance,

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  1. If you'd like to overclock your C2D i suggest you read the sticky at the top of the overclocking forum. It will tell you exactly how to overclock your cpu.Sorry I can't help with the memory issue.
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