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Unofficial Word: 55nm 2900 GPU Series to be Released B4 Xmas

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September 12, 2007 10:50:46 PM


I just talked to an AMD guy at the Cal Career Fair and supposedly, the 55nm part will consume 1/3 less power and should be out by the end of this year. If that's true, I suspect some great overclocking headroom and perhaps a smaller gap between AMD/ATI and Nvidia. At the moment, they are supposedly ramping up production and have resolved manufacturing issues; thus the part should be ready for release by (I think) late November....


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September 12, 2007 11:21:21 PM

The HD 2900XTX seemed like a good concept and the 2900XT has potential.
Unlock the GDDR4, double the texture fill, iron out and uncork the bottlenecks, then you may have a screamer.
September 13, 2007 12:18:23 AM

PCKid777 said:
I just talked to an AMD guy at the Cal Career Fair and supposedly

Ah, right. A friend of a cousin who works for an uncle, etc. Have you considered that the guy was just BSing you? Those stats, like consuming 1/3rd the power, just reek of BS. I just don't really think so. Then again, I've been wrong before and will be again.

Some have pondered if the present 2900 XT with the 1 gig of DDR4 memory is the original 2900 XTX, but AMD just couldn't get the clocks higher. Yes, a 55nm gpu might help, but not to the fantastic numbers you give out. Yes, I would like to see a better model of HD 2900 out there, an XTX if you want. But I'll try to be more realistic in expectations. As it is, I'm planning on the HD 2900 XT with the 1 gig of DDR4 that's presently available for my next build.
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September 13, 2007 1:52:40 AM

Well, he is currently one of the engineers working on the GPUs, but as you say, maybe it is exaggeration. Perhaps he meant to say a 1/3 less power than the current design. But I believe awhile ago that I heard AMD was trying to manufacture these GPUs on a better process, and if they can move to 55nm, hopefully it'll be a good start.
September 13, 2007 2:14:36 AM

Nice if true, but I don't get too worked up about release dates.

It makes sense for AMD and nV to launch again before Xmas (just after Crysis and in prepration for FartCry2 and UT3 next year. Good motivators, and good buying time, never really as good again until School lets out, but really the biggest push will likely come from Crysis or UT3 on their own, Xmas sales will be for kids whose parents don't care the price, most of my frineds buy personal toys when they either get a tax return or know how much ore they owe, otherwise they're driven by games.

I think both companies could use refreshes for different reasons. I hope the guy wasn't blowing smoke up your backside (to make AMD seem more attractive as a place to work), and that they can do it.

I think AMD need faster solutions, and nV is going to want cheaper solutions to make.
September 13, 2007 5:27:26 AM

TheGreatGrapeApe said:

I think AMD need faster solutions, and nV is going to want cheaper solutions to make.

All AMD needs to do is double the texture fill-rate and fix the GDDR4 issues to make the HD 2900's a whole lot faster?
September 13, 2007 12:37:52 PM

PCKid777 said:
Perhaps he meant to say a 1/3 less power than the current design.

Ok, 1/3rd less power than the current design would be a good dream. If its pulled off, well and good, but I'm not sure its possible. I'm less concerned about the power useage than I am about getting the clock speeds up. The GDDR4 memory should be capable of better performance than its now producing. A 55nm chip could well help in that direction. My next question is "When?" AMD/ATI has been plagued with delays. It would sure be nice if it was out by Christmas, but I really don't expect that. Otherwise, I think AMD would be talking about it as a coming thing. On the other hand, with the way the delayed and bumbled both the 2900 XT and Barcelona, maybe they don't want to put their foot in their mouth again, so will stay silent until very close to the release. All we can do is wait and find out when it happens.
September 13, 2007 3:41:15 PM

Not sure what to make of that really it says the cores will be increased to 800mhz but i just got off a thread where cleeve said the ref boards acctually came with 800mhz in the first place and the board partners are releasing ddr2 versions with 700mhz cores under the same names as the originals,
Tad missleading then? seems if its all legit then they are now trying to kid us that we are getting inprovements that we in fact ar not?
September 13, 2007 6:12:20 PM

ATI should release the HD 2900 Pro sometime in November. It will cost $249 and have 160 stream processors (half the number of the 2900 XT). It will have a TDP of 150 watts (the 2900 XT has a TDP of 225 watts). The 2900 Pro should be fast enough to beat the 8600 GTS but not the 8800 GTS 320 MB. ATI needs a mid-range GPU in both performance and cost and the 2900 Pro fills this gap.

Links to reports:

Note: Most of the news Fudzilla reports is speculation. Some of their stories may be misinformation.
September 13, 2007 8:25:37 PM

sailer said:
Well yes, that's official, but that article is about the HD 2400 and 2600 cards, not the HD 2900 series, which is what this thread was talking about.

Yeas you are right!
I was just thinking that the "news" was actually based on this article?
It would be nice to see smaller production size 2900 series, but why would there be mention of 2400 and 2600, when nothing confirms updated big brother.
I hope that we will see, but is it likely?
September 13, 2007 9:21:11 PM

By the time revision of that ATI card gets out Nvidia will have come out with something better than the 8800GTX and chances are the Nvidia will also release another cards called the 8700*** which will be almost if not better than the 8800GTS320/640 with less heat and a smaller size to boot.

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