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I play my music CDs on my PC as I don't have a Hi-Fi, a few days ago i tried to play a CD and it refused to work. I then noticed it had copy protection on it (i rented it from my library). I returned it, but the next day i noticed all my CDs were refusing to work, at first thought it was the CDROM, so i bought another, but same problem, my PC plays my itunes mp3's no problem.

There was some CDs back in the day that installed malicious software onto your computer to interfere with the operation of the CD drive. Sony were notorious for it.

I went back to the library today but the CD has since been rented by someone else, so i can find out what the brand was. Sony has a patch now to remove there rootkit file, but it does not work on mine as it was not a Sony CD.

Is there a fix, maybe some sort of Universal Patch or other way to fix this.

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  1. You are correct about what caused this, and actually the disks that had this protection on them to stop them from being played in computers could not be called "Compact Disks" because they broke the standard for that format.

    You need to find out exactly what was on that disk to have a good way of fixing this, unless you can manage to use a system restore point and go back in time before you got this.
  2. i thought of a system restore point, jumped back a month, problem still there.

    Im dropping back to the library monday hopefully the disk is back.

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated
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