Is this upgrade really worth it?

I currently have an X1950Crossfire 512 GDDR4 paired with it's sister card the X1950XTX and am considering purchasing a single HD 2900XT 1GB GDDR4 to replace the two (I can get a really good deal). Would I see any benefit in frame rates? Is it worth it considering it goes for about $600 in Canada and I'm able to purchase it for $475. Even if it's a good deal I don't want to blow the money if I'm not going to see much of an improvement over my current 2 cards. I can't seem to find anything in comparing these 2 setups. Oh yeah Directx10 is not part of my deciding factor since there aren't that many games available yet.


Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Core2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz
2x 1GB DDR1066Mhz
1x X1950 Crossfire 512MB GDDR4
1x X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4
Sound Blaster XTreme Music
Enermax 620Watt Crossfire Power Supply
Antec P180 Case
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  1. in some games (few) a single x1950xtx surprisingly beats 2900xt , and u have 2x1950xtx so there isnt any single reason that u should upgrade , u have an awesome system
  2. I agree with Maziar on this one, no game yet is going to need 1GB of Vram. Remember when Nvidia came out with the 6800 Ultra 512MB card, at that time only one game really used 512MB and that was Doom 3.
  3. If you really want to upgrade an 8800GTS 320mb version might do you some justice but the fact is that you'll still be spending money and your system is still pretty good. If anything I'd wait till after X-mas, often things are cheaper do to the X-mas season and alot of products/info are/is released around that time as well.
  4. Dont do it like the others say you have a top draw system save the bucks for later like when the DX10/10.1 really takes off
  5. no not worth it unless you swap mobo and get 2x 8800 ultras. But not worth the costs.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone, you all just saved me a few bucks.
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