Wireless Network Issue w/Printer on Vista Laptop

Hello all.

Something weird has been going on. I connected to my printer wirelessly via the printer setup wizard and it worked fine for a day. I printed out homework sheets and test pages and everything. I did this one two accounts on this laptop, everything working as good as I wanted.

The next day, though, nothing would printer. I tried removing the printer and adding it back on, but it never was detected ever again. The first time I did it on the previous day, the printer was found in just a few seconds.

The printer is attached to the main desktop PC, while this laptop sits in my room. What can I do about this? I've disabled firewalls and everything. I know I don't need drivers since it was working like a charm, so what could I do? Thanks for the help!

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I saw a printer section, but then I saw this wireless networking section, which I think would have more expertise on this subject.

As a note, my internet is stable.
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  1. check on the main pc that file and printer sharing is enabled, and that in the printer properties that the printer is shared, check the name it is shared under.

    also yesterday was the main pc on before the netbook was started?
    maybe today you had the netbook on and wanted to print so you then started up the main pc?

    on the netbook go into the network browser and navigate to the main pc, and check you can see the printer, it should be listed here if all is fine.
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