Will this Power Supply work?


I am in the middle of upgrading my video card, and also need to do the power supply at the same time. I'm looking to upgrade from my current desktop 250w PS to a 400w PS. Can you tell me if my proposed new PS would work for me based on the specs?



It seems to be correct, but I'd really appreciate you all looking at the finer specs and telling me if it's compatible.

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  1. It will probably work, they are both ATX units. But I would stay away from Rosewill, they aren't so good on the quality part IMO. Take a look at these units from FSP, a more trusted brand.


    Now, I must ask. Why are you upgrading the unit?
  2. I'm upgrading b/c I need to replace a blown graphics card, and I'm looking to get one strong enough that will support Vista's Aero interface. I'm looking to get a 256MB card, and almost every single one requires at least 300w of power. Hence, my need for a stronger PS than my current 250w unit.

    If FSP is a better brand, I'd definitely consider the ones you suggested. I'm assuming all of those would be compatible as well, correct?
  3. FSP is a better brand and yes they should all work. The one thing you need to watch for is that top-teer OEMs sometimes use proprietary parts in their systems which means that parts you buy that aren't from gateway won't work or fit. I'm not sure if gateway does/did this. You may want to contact gateway and see if they will answer that. I know that Dell did and still does on one of their systems.
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