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Recently I bought a AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 Processor. In order to overclock it from 1800mhz to 2600mhz, I had to lower the memory clock from 400 to 333 mhz and the hyper transport from 5x to 4x. Isn't this lowering affect the performance of my pc?

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  1. You have to lower the hypertransport and memory when you raise the FSB,otherwise they will run too high with the increased speed. When raising the FSB you are also raising the hypertransport and memory.
  2. Yes, thanks......but I allready did what you just said......but by encreasing from 1800 mhz to 2600 mhz and by lowering both memory clock from 400 to 333 and hypert-transport from 5x to 4x......doesn't affect the system performace?

    Thank again........
  3. Ok, look at this way, your system stock....

    HT at 5x is this 5x200=1000 HT at stock speed right?

    Now say you go to HT 4x right? Say 4x250=1000, something like that. What cfv is saying is that when you raise your FSB, you will compensate for the lower HT multiplier, and when you raise the FSB, it will raise the FSB on your memory. Because the HT, if you run that too high, your system may not run, I think I read on here that if it goes above 1100, it does not like to work well. For example, I had my memory set to 133 mhz, though it was rated to run at 166(333) mhz, but when my FSB was 240-250, it ran the memory at 164 mhz or so, even though it was set to run at 133. Make sense? The higher front side bus makes up for the loss in HT multiplier and lower memory setting, but you are getting faster performance from your cpu. Just don't know about all the voltages and everything, but I know I got my 3500+ single core Manchester chip to run at 2.8 ghz on the settings I listed. But somehow it seemed a little slower, probably needed tweaking, maybe a slight bump in voltage.
  4. hmmmmm......yes thanks...I got It :). I lowered the HT to 4x.....the stock fsb speed is 5*200 mhz. but I overclocked....now it runs at 4*300 :) .I ran over several test with it and the performance was astonishing. My GPU is an 6600 GT....I played "TIMESHIFT" ....with the stock speed of 1.8 ghz CPU speed didn't quite worked well, but with 2.66 CPU gameplay was magnificent. And now I know why. The Dual-Core Opteron cpu is an overclock CPU....From 1.8 ghz stock speed to 2.7ghz is something......now i know, thank you for helping.
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