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Hey guys I currently have a Gigabyte DS3R for my motherboard, I am building my PC this weekend and would like to know if I should flash the bios before installing the operating system, or even flash the bios at all. I have rev. 1.0. I also saw in the Gigabyte website, that F6 bios is out.

Also, when I load the operating system and start to install the drivers, should I just install the drivers from the CD? or manually get them from the website and install it that way? I think all I need are the Audio, Chipset, and Network drivers. If I do install it manually, what order should I install them in? Thanks!
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  1. Order does not matter.
    I would try and get the drivers from the website.
    I would also grab the latest bios before starting.

    Likey you don't need to grab anything from their site and it will work with what you have, but it may save a little heart-ache.
  2. Flash the BIOS first (work from the "bottom" up). I always get the drivers from the website, because drivers change so quickly that the bundled CD does not normally have the latest drivers.
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