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Hello, i have decided to try and prolong the life of my agp system since the cost of buying a whole new setup is still beyond my reach. I just ordered a sapphire 512mb x1950 pro agp card. I mostly play WoW and was wondering with this setup what kind of framerates i would get with everything maxxed out at 1280x1024x32.
MSI 754 motherboard
AMD athalon 64 3200+ OC'd to 2.5ghz
1GB corsaire XMS ddr 400 memory
300gb 16mb cache IDE HD
Sapphire x1950 pro 512mb AGP
800 watt psu

any help would be appreciated and was wondering if the CPU bottleneck would be noticeable or if it would still perform like a champ.
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  1. no your CPU wont bottleneck (3200@ 2.5 performs well ) i dont know exactly how much frames per second u r going to get , but they will be good , however upgrading to 2GB ram will help , you have a pretty nice computer still , one of the best AGP systems i have ever seen :)
  2. Like Maziar says that will be a nice balanced system,just wondering did you upgrade the psu yourself thats quite a big psu for an AGP system and also what card you are upgrading from?
  3. Yea dude you should have spent less on the PSU and more on the rest of your system :lol:
    The x1950pro will be a nice match for your CPU if not a bit bottlenecked, but will allow you to upgrade later to remove that bottleneck. The 1GB RAM is your only real problem there, but since you are getting the 512Mb card, storing textures should not be a problem, so you should not need to use up much system RAM doing this.
  4. doesnt wow have a lock on the framerate..or am i thinking of another game?
  5. My old PSU took a crapper on me and the local compusa store had a nice PSU with a see-thru window that went nice with my clear side case with blue neons. I only have 2 ram slots so i was also wondering if i should get 2x 1gb or just stick with my 2x 512?
  6. oh and a 6600gt
  7. anyone?
  8. An Athlon64 paired up with an X1950 PRO is still a formidable gaming machine.

    on top of that, WOW is super easy on the videocard. Wow, maxed out 1280x1024 with 4xAA and 8xAF, will be super smooth...

    ...that is, unless there's alot of server traffic. WOW can often get slowdows in areas with alot of human players. This has nothing to do with your computer; when the servers are clogged, there will be choppiness and slowdowns, plain and simple.
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