PC issue don't know what it is but i think it's graphics

Ok i just bought a new 8800GTS 640 and a Thermaltake 600Watt Toughpower PSU which has a load up to 48Amps so PSU is fine.

I only run 1x HDD and 1X optical Drive.

My motherboard is a 965P-DS4 Gigabyte. Now the issue i'm having is when i play any game it freezes randomly without warning.

My PC is not overclocked and i think all of my power/fans/connections are correct.

My GPU barely reaches 70 degres under load and CPU barely 40 degres.

Now i uninstalled all of my video drivers and ran driver cleaner then restarted and installed new beta 163.67 drivers. But no luck. I started 3D mark 06 @ 10x7 res and it freezes. Now the funny thing is it only freezes on the first test but not any of the others. So sometimes it will pass the first run though all tests and then it starts again as i ran a loop. So this time it freezes on the first test segment and only on the first.

Now it also freezes sometimes in Bioshock and alot of BF2 and 2142, it also freezes after a while in Quake wars.

I have tried everything under the sun to fix this. I even returned my new Antec 550Watt Neo power and swapped it for the 600Watt Toughpower, i even swapped my new 8800 with a new one.

Now my HDD is partitioned in two parts one is only 40GB partition which only has XP Pro SP2 on it. The other 200GB partition has all of my programs and games.

If anyone can suggest anything that would be great. BTW i reinstalled XP Pro SP2 last night on the 40GB Partition with CD drivers for the Motherboard and Beta Drivers as mentioned above for the GPU.

um not sure what else to explain um.....my sound driver are Realtek and my Bios is Version F7 for the 965p-DS4 Gigabyte mobo. I cannot seem to upgrade the bios to F10 and everytime it gets to the end of upgrading i get a blue screen then it restarts.

Also when the PC does freeze 9/10 times i have to push the restart button.
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  1. Go to Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> Event view
    And then either application or System.

    You should be getting errors that correspond to the times that your pc freezes.

    Well, have you tried using another card other than a 8800?
    There may be something wrong with your Motherboard ... also how many sticks of ram do you have?
    If you have 2, take one out, and see if it works. If it doesn't, take the other one out and see if it works.
    Also try putting your ram in different seating arrangements. Might be something wrong with your ram connector thingy me jig.

    Also, try updating your sound drivers for Realtek. I have Realtek Sound driver and i didn't have it updated. It kept on crashing my computer and giving me blue screens, also crashed Fear when istarted to play it.

    Not sure what kinda sound card you have, but this may help for the drivers.

    What kidn of CPU do you have? (just out of interest)

    Chances are though, that there's something faulty with your motherboard. Seeeing as you when you try to update your bios u receive a BSOD.
  2. How are you updating BIOS, with Floppy or with @bios. A while back (maybe 3 to 4 Months ago) their were several treads on problems with Gigabyte @bios program.
  3. Funny you should mention that. Lol,

    I updated my Bios today using @bios just fine. I just updated the actual program first before updating my bios ..
    Which lowered my CPU speed to 200FSB (nistead of 266) so reverted back to the backup that i made of my current bios.

    That is an essential thing when updating your bios. Make sure u have a backup of your current bios version. Who knows what would go wrong with the newer version... and if you don't know your older version to search the web for it, your in a bit of a pickle
  4. - OK i have tried my old 7900GS 512 and it works fine.
    - The thing is the video card is a new card that was swapped so i doubt both cards are faulty.
    - I have 2x 1GB Corsair 6400 RAM @ 800Mhz
    - I did notice my CPU FAN doesn't start when all other start but that was when i had the PC on it's back so i titled it upright and it works fine.
    - I might try and install @bios which is on the disc i think, i had problems selecting the right bios program to use because the disk from gigabyte has 3 programs to hoose from.
    - My CPU is the E6600 C2D and it's at stock speeds @ 2.4Ghz
    - The motherboard is about 6 months old.
    - I could move the ram but it won't be in dual channel.
    - If someone knows how to update Bios could they please give me a detailed description on how they done it.
    - And not using a Sound Card
  5. Well if your mobo uses integrated Realtek Audio card (I.e, comes up with Realtek audio for sound drivers) you should updated it.

    Here's a pretty comprehensive description of udpating your bios.

    Not sure what's wrong. My guess is that it's probably the 8800GTS. Your motherboard might not be able to handle it .. or needs the update.

    If you have the time & effort to, i'd say back up all your files and then format your computer as a last resort.
    But i seriously don't know. A real mystery. :/
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