Computer crashes while attempting to install XP

I bought a brand new hp pavilion with vista already installed and upgraded it to Windows 7. I also purchased a brand new Lenovo laptop with windows 7 already installed. I have an older hp printer that won't print using windows 7. I have tried to install Windows XP onto seperate partitions on both laptops but each time i try to install they both crash (blue screen of death). I have attempted this with 4 different XP install disks and they all crash when the install tries to initialize. Is this something to do with Windows 7??? Has anyone else had this problem before?
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  1. What exactly does the BSOD say?
  2. just playing u need to re install all postal out comes to ur hard ware then get a cpu chip and check for bugs in cpu(vires)!trust me it works fast efishent and garente it will not crash agin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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