Need Advice on AGP Video Card Upgrade

I really need to replace my dinosaur rig, but I currently lack the money to build an entire system from scratch. Yet, I really want to play games like Company of Heroes, World in Conflict and Call of Duty 4 when they come out, but I don't think my current video card will play these games even on really low graphic settings. In fact, I've tried playing COH and WIC demos, but they will CTD, even after updating all of my drivers, and this is playing even with the lowest graphics settings. Here's the specs of my current pc:

Intel Pentium4 3.0 ghz (currently oc'd to 3.3 ghz)
ASUS P4P8X SE mobo
Gigabyte Geforce fx 5200 GV-N52128DE AGP 8X
Corsair TwinX 1 gb ram
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
PSU 350 Watts (don't know the name, seems generic)

I'm probably going to wait until the end of the year to build my system, when post-Christmas specials abound and the debut of AMD Phenom occurs, thus dropping the prices of other AMD cpu's (correct me if I'm wrong).

In the meantime, I would like to at least upgrade my video card. What would be a good temp AGP 8X card that will allow me to play these games at good resolutions, yet without bankrupting me either? Would a Geforce 7600 GT GDDR3 256 mb like this one:

be an ideal card? Also, please recommend me a good PSU that will also be good enough for my next rig as well as my current one.

Thanks for your advice.
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  1. best AGP cards are X1950XT/7950GT/X1950 PRO , how much do u want to pay ?
  2. I'd say no more than $150. Also, what about a PSU? Thanks.
  3. Get the 7600GT and this psu = $200.00 total approx. psu good a long while
  4. your psu probably wont be good enough for any of the cards maziar mentioned. You will need to get a new one eventually..
  5. The video card that you choose and the power supply from corsair would be great.
  6. What kpo said, exactly.
  7. Your PSU might handle a 7600 GS, which is light years faster than your 5200.

    But a new PSU is a good idea, and a 7600 GT is notably faster. A good combo for your rig.
  8. Cool, thanks for all of your advice! However, some of you are suggesting ATi cards.

    Isn't that incompatible with my mobo? Or can it handle both ATi and nvidia cards?

    If ATi is compatible with my mobo, then is that X1650 Pro Radeon card mentioned by mtyermom a better deal than the 7600 GT since its cheaper?

    Also, is a 450 watt PSU good enough for my current rig, plus a new 7600 GT or x1650 card?
  9. Your mobo can handle any AGP video card.

    The X1650 PRO isn't as fast as the 7600 GT.

    A solid name-brand 450w PSU will let you use any AGP videocard available. A no-name PSU will probably die though.
  10. Of course, you can probably just get a graphics card now and defer purchasing the PSU until you build your rig.

    Check the back of your PSU to see how many amps you have on your 12V rail.

    A 7600gt is not a very power hungry card, I only have 14A on my 12V rail and it runs just fine...then again my CPU is not overclocked.
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