Setting DRAM Command Rate on Asus P5KC

Does anyone know if it's possible to set the DRAM Command Rate (1T or 2T) on the Asus P5KC board? I cannot find the option in the BIOS.

I read somewhere that only the NVIDIA chipsets allow users to change the DRAM Command Rate.

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  1. 1T/2T doesn't make a lot of difference on these P35 systems.

    Some abit Intel chipset mobos can change it but as I said it makes little difference.
  2. Thanks. The reason why I'm asking is because I can't get my OCZ PC2-6400 800mhz ram to run at that speed. The system is always running at 667mhz.

    I contacted OCZ to inquire and they told me to set the DRAM Command Rate to 1T.

    However, I can't change that in the BIOS because the option is not there and I read that the board automatically sets at 2T.
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