How to replace D Partition on dell 1501

I recently deleted the recovery partition on my wife's Dell 1501 Inspirion,.. I want to completely restore this computer to its original factory state,.. is there any way i an do this?
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  1. Did you make a set of recovery disk before deleting the partition? if not you will need to purchase a set from Dell.
    I can't figure why peaple delete these partitions, as the space gained is not worth the hassle later. You would be lucky to fit one HD movie in that amount of space.
  2. No. i didn't make a set, i was under the impression that the discs provided by dell would have had everything already on the discs,.and the entire thing would just re partition itself and reload it... thanks for your response
  3. For $10.00 dell will mail you a os restore disc!
  4. thanks for the info. area51
  5. you bet that way you will always have the disc!
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