7 hours to rip a blu ray to mp4? seriously?

So I just built a HTPC, and I tossed 8T of storage in it so I can use it as the media server for the house, I am using windows media center because its also being used with a cable card tuner (and 2 xbox as media extenders). So I thought, hey, why not start taking my blu ray's and ripping them to the media center so I can skip all the freaking previews that you cannot skip. So I could just watch the movie, not all the 20 min of crap in front of it.
So I have anydvd installed, tried ripping using that, but it then requires using another software (I downloaded Aieesoft), but that software wont allow me to keep the full 5.1 dolby audio. So thats out. Next I got handbrake, and it seems to do it right, it took my blu ray, and ripped it directly to a mp4 file. With the quality at 20, it was having some occational studdering or missed frames, so i bumped it to lossless (0). Now that encode is running at apx 7 hours. I assume that its because I have it set to lossless.

Any sugestions on the best setting to maintain the blu ray quality while possibly cutting down on the time it takes to rip?

My system:
i7-2600k @ 4.2
16g pc1600
Z68 Mobo
2x HD6970 2g
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  1. U are doing it wrong : )

    Why don't u use the Handbrake, that is multi-threaded app and

    u can copy any audio track.

    1080P takes almost 3x as much time to encode than 720P.
  2. That's no helpful, as I already stated I am using handbreak. I found part of the problem with how long it was taking, I had a background application running that was eating 40% of my CPU. Thought I had shut it down. Now I'm trying to find a quality setting that works for me. Lossless (0) produced a 90g video file, and wouldn't play on wmc for some reason. And the default of 20 had spots where it appeared to skip frames. Was hoping for some direction so I don't have to do 20 rips to find the right settings.
  3. Why are u not more specific?

    What file, whats the length?

    And what is the source files spec?
  4. U can use the Media info, it comes as part of the K-Lite Codec Pack 8.70

  5. I'm ripping directly from a blu ray disk. To mp4. Using handbrake. What other info would be relevant to the adjusting the handbrake settings to maintain the blu ray quality without a 90g file?
  6. How long it is?

    Is it 1080P or 720P or else?

    Set it to 4000 kb/sec 2pass

    And pass this into the advanced tab -> ref=6:bframes=6:subq=9:mixed-refs=0:weightb=0:deblock=-3,-3:psy-rd=0.10,0.10:aq-strength=0.9:me=umh:8x8dct=0:merange=18
  7. I do this all the time, and have worked it out. Basically, if you want it fast and good, you have to pay. I use DVDFab Blu-Ray ripper and rip the blu ray to mkv without any size conversion along the way. Takes about 40 minutes for a 25gb blu ray.
  8. I'll run a pass today at those settings nikorr.

    abeki, I am not using mkv files as they don't run in windows media center. Whatever format I rip to must run in wmc because that is what I am using for the htpc. I use wmc because I have TV in 3 rooms so with xbox360 i can use the media extender features.
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