Fastest SSD drive available today?


I am currently in the market for an SSD drive for notebook. It has to be at least 64GB in size (128GB preferrable) and is at least as fast as a 7200RPM drive in terms of writing speed. Faster the better.

Speedwise, it seems like MTRON 7000 is the way to go, but I only see 32GB version available.
Super Talent has a 128GB drives, but with half the speed of MTRON..

Any suggestions? I know there are lots of fast and high capacity drives being announced in the last couple days, with CES going on; but the product will have to be already be available by march this year (research funding related :D )
If you could also give the link where I can the drive, that'd be really helpful too!

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  1. I use the MTron SATA-6025-32 (32GB) drive and am very happy with the results. My PCMark Vantage score rose by 45% with just swapping out the previous 7200RPM HDD.

    Unfortunately, as you noticed, they don't have any 2.5" drives over 32GB. I found the best prices as RocketDisk with the 32GB drive I purchased going for $579.99.

    I really couldn't find any drives with speed matching Mtron's published speeds; 100 MB/s sustained read and 80 MB/s sustained write, with Single Level Cell (SLC) flash memory. Like you I searched around quite a bit. Also, if you do find a fast 64MB 2.5" drive it'll probably cost more than $2,000.00.

    The most practical thing might be getting an ExpressBus SATA II controller (or PCMCIA if you don't have the express slot) and putting a second 2.5" SSD drive in an external eSata enclosure. At least you won't have to worry about it overheating. :)

    another internal alternative would involve either getting a laptop with 2 drive bays or a swappable floppy/CD bay that can hold a 2.5" drive.
  2. if you check over at they also sell the memoright drives which have slightly faster write times then the MTRON ones. They are a little high on the price side though. They are in stock and available though.
  3. Thanks for the info on the Memoright drives. I'll look for those in the future. Memoright also has 64MB and 128MB capacities of the 2.5" drives while MTron only goes up to 32MB in 2.5" drives. charges $1099.00 for the same drive I paid $579.99 for. That alone makes me want to wait for it to be somewhere else. For the original poster they do have the 64MB Memoright listed as in-stock for $1,999. Unfortunately, I can't find Memoright stocked anywhere else and is kaput for the moment.

    That said, SSD prices are supposedly going to drop in a big way later this year.
  4. Wow!
    That Memoright is just what I am looking for.
    Thanks for the replies!

    Really though, hopefully these prices loses a digit or two this year, so I can actually buy them for personal use too
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