Phoenix.exe draining CPU

Hey guys,
So, I've had this process running that I found about three of weeks ago. It's called phoenix.exe and it's draining any spare CPU power.
I've found it in the folder C:\programs\
Here's a screenshot:
If I delete it and it seems to reappear every Sunday as, regardless of when I delete it, it comes back on the Sunday, this seemed like a task so I tried to open Windows Task Scheduler which then showed me the error message 'Task BackgroundConfigSurveyor: the task image is corrupt and has been tampered with.' I now can't see any events in the Task Scheduler Library folders.
Here's another screen shot:
I'm currently running a Malwarebytes Pro scan.
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  1. This reeks of malware.

    Try installing another scanning package and see what that brings up - it is possible, but probably unlikely, that the potential malware has modified malware bytes also.
  2. That's what I thought. Malwarebytes returned with no relevant results. I only installed it moments before running a scan so there wasn't much time for it to get modified. I'll install another package when I can. Thanks!
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