Missing Nvidia Drivers?

So I haven't updated my drivers in over 4 months, and my wife is pretty good with computers. I told her I need to update my drivers for the vid card.

She goes in and deletes the old drivers out and installs the new one from nvidia's website.

Now when I get in World of Warcraft, I have these huge white lines around the screen of lossed pixels. It is very random where they occur.

So I go out and check in Control Panel > Add Remove Programs. I now see I only have Nvidia Display. I know for a fact that I had Ethernet and Audio, and I have redownloaded them. But I'm 99% sure there were 2 more that I can't remember.

After talking to her, she said she was on Hard[OP] and saw there were new drivers that was suppose to be improvements for the gforce series. After downloading it and trying it, it wouldn't work. So she went back to just installing the ones on the Nvidia website. But she DID "delete all" the drivers in the Nvidia in Add Remove Programs before she installed the new ones.

I tried to find my original Nvidia CD, but I can't. Am I screwed to these lossy pixels now? Because I have no idea where to go from here. I also noticed that I have went from a 40 FPS in WoW.... down to a 20 FPS average now.

No clue what I am missing.
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  1. Probably playing WoW at 40 FPS......

    Simple sum really

    women + computer = melting plastic and hot metal

    Bill Gates is a bit of a woman and see what he did!

    Sorry dude no serious advice.
  2. Download the newest drivers from the nvidia webite again and make sure they are the right ones for you're card and version of windows. Uninstall the current ones under the control panel by removing all of the nvidia drivers. Re-boot, then run the new driver setup.

    I know you're wife already did it, but she might have accidentally downloaded the wronge drivers or there was a problem with the downloaded file. If that doesn't work, maybe try a driver cleaner software. I have never needed one, but a lot of people recommend them when having display driver issus.

    Good luck!
  3. If it does turn out that you need older drivers here is a good link to find them.

  4. First of all, go to Nvidia and download the drivers for you specific chipset AND for your specific graphics card too. Then go to your motherboard manufacturers site and download the latest drivers that they have. Install the Nvidia chipset drivers 1st. Then the MFG drivers. Then the graphics drivers.

    It might just be a driver issue. Your wife shouldn't mess around if she doesn't know what she's doing and if you don't know what she's doing you should man up and tell her what's up.
  5. I don't know how computer savvy your wife is, but if she went into the control panel to delete the drivers, she may have deleted other nvidia drivers along with it.

    When you choose to delete the drivers, if she didn't select the box to "delete one from the list below", and then select video driver only, she may have fk'ed up.

    Was there a restart before the new ones were installed ?
  6. Just do what I said and it'll all be good.
  7. Aight, when I get home I'll try that T8.

    Yeah, she simply deleted "all" on the nvidia drivers, not just the Display. I'm sure eveyone here has made a mistake at some point and been like.. "oh ****", and then had to fix it. If you haven't ever made a mistake, good job on being perfect all your life, and you probably need to be put on the news. There is no need in my opinion to come down on her. If it is fixable, great, if it isn't, my life isn't over. I've had a hard enough time getting her involved in my computer life and helping her learn stuff, don't really want to blow that over some lossed pixels in WoW and a lesser frame rate :)

    Thanks for the tips so far though, really good stuff. Hope I can get this resolved. Being at work sucks.
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