Monitor has vertical red lines then freezes up while dvd copying.

While doing DVD copying my pc slows down considerably. Lately I've been getting vertical red lines on screen and the pc freezes up and I have to restart it...Could it be my graphics card or processor going bad?
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  1. Vertical red lines usually means a video card problem. Overheating, or dying for some other reason.

    Check your video card fan to make sure it's spinning. If it's not, it will cause overheating.

    Also check your GPU temps.
  2. I'd say a little more info is in order. PSU is a possibility as well. Let us know your full system specs.
  3. Gateway 510 S, Intel P4 3.00, 1024 ram, Intel Extreme Graphics 2, Windows XP Pro, Intel {Midway G2} motherboard. Is there anything else I need to post?
  4. My video card does not have a fan, it is a PCI slot card. I have 3 fans. Processor, exhaust and power supply fan. I am not familiar with what the GPU temp and what do you mean PSU? thanks
  5. Looks like 250W PSU(Power Supply Unit) and if you apply 15% capacitor aging, it comes out at 260W on Extreme calculator. Try a new PSU. Try to borrow a 350W from a friend and attach it to your system for testing.

  6. Isnt copying movies illegal? Lol.
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