x1950PRO or 8800GTS

Heres the deal I was torn between these 2 cards for a new computer I'm building.

SAPPHIRE 100196L Radeon X1950PRO 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail

XFX PVT80GGHE4 GeForce 8800GTS 320MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported HDCP Video Card - Retail

Not sure if i will be using win xp pro or vista bussness as I have access to both.

I also would like to play Crysis as it looks like a really fun game. I was thinking of getting the x1950PRO fro now and then latter getting a 8800GTS 320 or 640 when it got cheeper.

I would be using 1024x768 res for now on an old CRT monitor, but I may be getting a new monitor but will most likely only run 1280x1024 res.

I also almost can't justify getting the $153 x1950pro because then if I upgrade to a better card in 3-6 months I have a card I won't be using that cost me $153. But on the other hand how long would the x1950pro last me before I would need to upgrade.

I'm not a hardcore gamer I play warcraft III and I also play BF2 and CS:S.

I was wondering what you thought.
Would I be wasting my money buying the 8800GTS or wasting it buying the x1950pro?
How much of a performance difference will I see between the two cards?

also will either card have any heat issues?
I hear some people saying the 8800GTS gets REALLY HOT like overheating hot while playing games could this be a problem.

Thank you I look forward to your replies.
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  1. i had a x1950 pro 256mb pci-x and now i have a 8800 gts 320.
    and i assure u if u want a best buy for the money and to keep for a year or 2 u should stick to the 8800 gts 320.
    even if have win xp it will be better than the radeon ,
    if u later install vista even better.
    i have dual boot.
    vista home premium( but i have all vers.)
    n'd vista ultimate xp made by an indian guy, very good by the way.
  2. Grab the Evga 8800GTS 640MB, I went through all the decisions you are thinking of now, so I'd save you the trouble.

    Make sure you get a min PSU that you see in my Hardware Profile.

    (edited - do you know HOW long I thought of getting the 6600 before the 6800GS popped on the store shelves sparing me a sucky purchase??? That was NOT a typo, thinking about getting a 6600 for THAT long scarred me!)
  3. i think u ^ mean 8800GTS 640 ,:D :)

    well , if u play @ 1280x1024 , 8800gts 320 is very good and performs like 8800gts 640 in that resolution , it blows away a x1950pro , so i say go for a 8800gts 320 and enjoy
  4. The only question you need to ask yourself is if you can afford the 8800GTS now. If you have the money to buy it now, why buy one card only to throw is away later just to buy the card you are looking at? If you can afford the GTS, buy the GTS. Only buy the x1950pro if you can't swing the GTS.

    One other thing you might want to look at is whether you even need the GTS. 1024x768? The x1950pro can do that with ease, and will leave you with quite a bit of "extra" money in your wallet. You could safely use that card while waiting for more DX10 games to show up, and the performance of DX10 cards. If you game at such a low res, you don't need the highend cards, midrange is fine.
  5. I agree - Oblivion and FEAR ran great on my PC with a 7600 GT at 1024x768.

    When I upgraded to a 22" widescreen - not so great.
  6. Yes, but the 880 will take longer to get "long in the tooth" and when the games come out that have so much eye candy that even at 1024 x 768 can't run them on the ATI, his 8800 still will, plus if he gets a new monitor he is still covered. It might be a pain to save, but once you're stuck with the slower card a year or two down the road, you'll end up upgrading anyhow, so why not get the 8800 and keep it longer if it is not a financial hardship ?
  7. If you have the funds then get the 8800 it will be an awsome DX9 card under xp and will handle more in the way of upcoming games as RoyalCrown has said looking to the long term it will come out as the best investment by far.
  8. Thanks for the props mactronics. :)
  9. My pleasure :) No need going over old ground but i think its good to put in the old two cents worth,the more feedback the op gets the better. :)
  10. I've had the same dilemma, well, two days ago. Check out my discussion with TheGreatGrapeApe maybe you'll find some insight.

  11. I would get the 1950pro - It can be found for $120.

    This fall some new cards will be coming out.
    Don't jump right away, but in the spring they should be a good price.

    Then take the $140 you save plus the $70 from the resale of your old card and add a few dollars and you will have a card better than the 8800GTS.

    Sure the 8800GTS is a better card, but it's more than what you need now. The 1950pro will likely even handle 1280x1024 w/o too much problems.

    I'm just not one to tell somebody that have to spend the xtra $140 when they can be happy with a notch down.
  12. Coming from an x1950Pro owner that wishes he would have got the 8800GTS 320 back in March.... and didn't...

    Get the the 8800. You'll be happier in the long run. I have only had my x1950Pro for a few months and I am more then ready to upgrade.

    I upped my resolution when I upgraded from my x850xt pe.... so the frame rate stayed the same making it feel like a horizontal upgrade.
  13. I know its off topic but the E4300 will OC like a demon :)
  14. My Sapphire(would never buy that brand again) x1900GT overclocked could not play Quake Wars demo at 1680x1050 even with all the settings turned to low. 8800 GTS 640mb is in the mail!
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