(ask) Yorkfield with FSB 1333 or 1600

jan 2008 I will buy new CPU with Penryn core, Yorkfield proc, Is it true that Yorkfield will come with 1600 FSB not 1333, I have Gigabyte P35C-DS3R

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  1. Who knows what the Jan Yorkfields will bring... however according to Intel they'll be releasing X48 by the end of the year, which supports 1600MHz FSB. If the Jan. Yorkfields dont support the 1600FSB, then Intel will have a 1600FSB chipset without 1600FSB processors for half a year, until Nehalem shows its face, which seems like an unlikely move on Intel's part. So if you're asking my guess, I would say January Yorkfield will support 1600MHz FSB to match the 1600MHz DDR3 support and 1600MHz FSB on the X48 platform.
  2. The p965 chipset "can" support the Yorkfield @ 1333mhz
    The Asus P5B Deluxe for example will overclock from 1066 to 1333 and run a Yorkfield with a BIOS update.
    Your P35C is newer than the p965 and should not have any trouble.

    I never heard of the X48, only the X38.
  3. I suspect yorkfield to come out as a 1333mhz processor and be upgraded to 1600 a few months later, like the conroe did at 1066 and 1333

    x48 as far as I have seen is just the 1600mhz version of the x38, probably will come out about same time as the 1600mhz yorkfields.

    most p35 boards can be overclocked to 400fsb (1600mhz) with no issues, I've seen several near 500fsb (2000mhz) though usually with aftermarket northbridge heatsinks
  4. x38 will do anything up to FSB2400 fine, *wink*, and roumers say that x48 is just the cherry picked x38s but there has to be more to it than that...
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