Sata HDD XP question (not the install issue)

Unlike alot of people I was able to install from an old XP disk onto my sata drive, but I have one question, the windows driver in the properties on the drive is dated 2001( I used the update function and windows didnt find any, I assumed it would need a sata driver. Is it possible that windows could be using this drive at no better performance than an IDE(similar to a graphics card not running to full potential until the correct vendor driver is installed)? Basically my question is, is my sata drive being utilized by windows to its full performance despite its dated 2001 driver? SiSoft Sandra reads it properly as sata.

Any feedback is appreciated, I just built a new system due to the fact that my old P4 system just cant be upgraded anymore.
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  1. I would reccomend visiting the website of your motherboard / S-ATA Controller manufacturer.

    Download and install the latest update from there. Windows is always bundled with outdated drivers and the "Driver update" functionality of Windows isn't really acurate.

    You will find a small drop in performance in using the old drivers, but this will only really be noticeable when your system is under heavy load (vendor drivers tend to me more optimised for low CPU usage).
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