DS3R mb and passive video card?

I'm just wondering if anyone here is using a passive video card with their P35 Gigabyte board. I believe the Nvidia 8600 GTS passive cards (for e.g.) will take up 2 slots. In the Gigabyte board, I am wondering if it covers one of the PCI-e X1 slots. But, the PCI-e X1 slots aren't very useful in the first place, right? Also, I want to make sure it won't conflict with the square-shaped yellow chip(?) beside the PCI-e X16 slot.

If I have an Antec Solo case, 120 mm exhaust fan, 2 90mm front fans and for the cpu, a Thermalright 120 Ultra Extreme heat sink, I should be able to keep a passive video card cool, right? I just wanted to be clear on which slot would be taken up besides the PCI-e X16 slot, though.

Thanks for any replies (including the answer!).


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  1. You might lose a PCI Express slot but it shouldn't matter because your not likely going to use either and if you do, will likely only be one
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