SATA 300 drive compatible with SATA 150 board?

I have a Albatron PX915P4C Pro motherboard, specs on the website say it's SATA 150.

I will likely later in the year get a new system, so I hate to get a SATA 150 HD now only to buy a whole new SATA 300 drive later in the year.

Can I get a SATA 300 drive now and use it on my SATA 150 motherboard and it'll just run slower? Is it compatible?

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  1. BTW, if I get a SATA 150 drive, was thinking of this from NewEgg;

    Seagate ST3300631AS-RK 300GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA150

    Again, hopefully I can just buy a SATA300.... :(
  2. It should work fine, I'm doing the same on my computer.
  3. I had a MSI Neo2 Plat.(NF3) I could not get my maxtor sata2 to worl on it, ended up partioning it on a mate's sata2 board and then put it in a ext. caddy. read somewhere that sata2 was compatiable with some sata1 boards but had probles on some. Check your manufacturers website
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