Ineligible for an upgrade to CS6 from CS2 - cheapest way to upgrade

Hey guys I have been using Adobe Production Premium CS2 since 2006. I upgraded from CS1.
I plan on planning a new desktop build and upgrade to CS6 in the next 6 months. Currently on WinXP 32-bit platform.

With my Production Premium CS2 I am ineligible for an upgrade to CS6. Only CS3 and higher can upgrade.
I wanted to ask a question as to what is my best option?

I can upgrade at a 3rd party vendor for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium for Windows (Upgrade from CS3, CS2 & Earlier Suites) [Adobe PROD PREM CS5.5 UPGRD fr/2/3 BACK/WIN ] for $948.95 This would be to buy a serial number essentially so I can authenticate to upgrade to CS6.

I can upgrade from CS5.5 to CS6 for $375. from Adobe's website directly.
$1323.95 total

The full version Creative Suite 6 Production Premium for Windows costs: $1,899.00

Is this the only way for me to get a legitimate licensed upgrade (not student/teacher edition) of Adobe Prod. Premium CS6 (windows)? Not for less than around $1323.?

As a alternative I think will limit me down the road:
I have a close friend who is a student and could get a Adobe Student Edition Production Premium CS6 Windows for $449. without any upgrade at all. Are there features turned off with the student edition? Drawbacks? Will I be allowed to upgrade later from that edition?
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  1. Best option is not to use the Adobe Creative Cloud thing.
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