good current gen monitor for gaming?

I saw a review of a pretty good looking and reasonably priced LCD at:
and it got me thinking that I am ready to upgrade my 6 year old 17" CRT monitor.

I've always been wary of getting an LCD for gaming but the Response Time on that SyncMaster is awesome. What suggestions for monitor choices are out there for something in the 21-23" and $200-400 range? I know of only CRT and LCD technologies. Is there anything else?

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  1. No one has a monitor to suggest?
  2. well...the one u mentioned is very good :P

    quite honestly there are loads..

    you should just ask people to write down what they use now.
  3. Well, writing down what we use may not serve him best, but I'm using these 2:

    Samsung 214T 21"
    Dell 3007WFP-HC 30"

    I'd agree with the poster above, that Samsung 22" you've looks like good bang for the buck.
  4. ajloeffl said:
    No one has a monitor to suggest?

    I usually leave it about 6 hours before coming back
    (u don't want to know what monitor, I'm using, I think people would have to be paid to take it away :lol:)
  5. What video card are you using? Those 22" widescreens have 1680x1050 pixels and can really punish older video cards.
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