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K10 Less Than 10 Days Away...Still No Benchies??

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September 1, 2007 5:18:21 PM


Ok, The k10 is less than 10 days away, anybody intereseted? anybody even care anymore?? lol. Ive seen an equal amount of threads quoting k10 as being crap performance as to it being the fastest x86 cpu etc etc.

Are there ANY 100% genuine benchmarks out already? I no when intel launched the core 2 there where benchmarks floating around the net a few months prior to release......


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September 1, 2007 5:41:45 PM

lol remember that AMD said that it will ship Barcelona in first days of agust , still no signs from them , and also there NO %100 GENUINE BEHCHMARKS for it
September 1, 2007 5:48:35 PM

Dam i just want to see a figure im bored of waiting.
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September 1, 2007 6:20:18 PM

So are the rest of us. It would be nice if the K10 came out on the 10th. It would be nice if anything from AMD/ATi came out close to when it was anounced. After seeing the continued delays with the 2900 video card, continued delays with Barcelona, etc, I don't really count on seeing any new cpus out from them for another 6 months. And I have AMD cpus in most of my computers, so I like them. Ok, maybe, just maybe, the Barcelona will be released within the month, but I honestly think it will get delayed yet again. After all, they just released the 6400+ for the AM2 design, so they probably feel less hurried about releasing Barcelona/Agena/Phemon etc then they would otherwise.
September 1, 2007 9:00:47 PM

how nice.. a "are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? NO!!!" thread.. how cute those kids
September 1, 2007 9:27:34 PM

Can we help it that Amd/ATI has been doing this to us for nearly a year? How many times was the 2900 anounced, and then delayed? Barcelona was supposed to be released around May, then July, then August, now September. So I'm at the stage where I'll believe it when I actually see it for sale at Newegg, and no sooner.
September 1, 2007 10:03:36 PM

Funny that they're "shipping for revenue" yet not a single person I know that works at a teir 1 or teir 2 server vendor/manuf has seen these or has any products based on them announced....
September 1, 2007 10:07:17 PM

You're kidding, right? Everyone, INCLUDING Intel fans, are really interested in then K10 benchmarks, I am always looking around for some. Um, you got any? Just give me some made up numbers that are believable and I'll read 'em.
September 1, 2007 10:12:11 PM

Airwar, thanks for the bewb shots on your link :) 
September 1, 2007 11:59:04 PM

lets just say the K10 is In It To Win It.

trust me.
September 2, 2007 3:09:51 AM

mad-dog said:
Wow, did you see that picture of that chick named Cobure.......Nuff said

Yes I did, and then I went off for a cold shower. Do wonder if the pic was really her, though. But does it matter? where's another bucket of cold water.
September 2, 2007 6:18:23 AM

i doubt that was her gents,

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September 2, 2007 12:53:54 PM

einheriar said:
how nice.. a "are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? no...... are we there yet? NO!!!" thread.. how cute those kids

If you dont like it then dont read the thread and dont post :sarcastic: