How do I save a text document from word to a folder on my desktop?!!
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  1. Save As, Choose Desktop from left pane, Choose folder from right pane. Save As is in different places depending on what version of Word you are using. Pre-2007 it's under the File Menu and in the toolbar. 2007+ it's in the Office Logo ribbon in top left.

    Alternatively, you could just save it to wherever(Documents?) and then drag and drop it to your folder on the desktop.
  2. cbradfield said:
    How do I save a text document from word to a folder on my desktop?!!

    OK, in my desperation to get this to my web site guy...I prayed! I had not had any answers from you guys I was just loosing it and I just bowed my head and asked God to help me. I am starting a business and the computer stuff is way over my head...but I'm determined to do what I need to do to make this have no idea why ...but I was just sitting there clueless on my desktop and...I right clicked on my desktop...maybe my finger just slipped... I don't know... anyway... I hovered over...NEW...and I saw an option for ...text heart stopped and I slowly moved to click on that and ...a miracle of miracles...there was a nice little text file all ready to be printed on!! I wrote my little thing and then I created a file for my picture and then I dragged and dropped my text file in there with my picture and shmack ...I was set!!! My web guy was telling me to go into word and create a document and I could not for the life of me figure out how to get what I printed in that text document...into my file with the pictures I already had in a file on my desktop. It was killing me! I asked him for help but his explanation only frustrated me more!! I thank you guys for the help you have sent me in the last few sweet and helpful... but way too late... who woulda thought it...I guess God knows all about computers too...Wow!! Thanks Guys!
  3. Buy your tech guy a nice 6 pack and ask him for a no BS intro to computers. No Seriously do it now.
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