OC'ed computer won't recover from hibernation.


I've finally got the last part of my new build together, so I could start overclocking it. I have very easily (thank you Asus :) ) and sucessfully reached 2.8GHz with my e6550. I'm not going to push 3.0 on my stock heatsink though, pushing 70C is too much.

Asus P5N32E-SLI Plus MB (2 pcix16, 1 x8, 3 x1)
Core2Duo E6550 @2.8Ghz/1600FSB
2.0GHz DDR2-800 ValueRam
NoName 585W PSU

All kinds of case fans, 1x80mm 2500rpm, 1x80mm 4000rpm (tuned to CPU temp), 1x92mm, 1x120mm
Runs Vista Ultimate x86

Thing is, I am accustomed to putting the computer into hibernate, which wasn't a problem before the overclock. Now, when I do, it won't boot afterward. Once again, thank you Asus; all i had to do was turn the PSU off, turn it back on and the BIOS recognized an oc failure and reset to default.

Do I have to give up the quick shutdown/startup of hibernation? Please tell me there's a solution!

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  1. I am wondering if your no name PSU might not be the culprit here. Could you perhaps post the make and model?
  2. Um...Orion HP585D PSU. I don't suspect the PSU, hibernation worked perfectly before the OC.
  3. Maybe a setting in your BIOS got changed with regards the power settings.
  4. Maybe...I used Asus' AI Overclock automatic overclocking to set the BIOS. Heh, it's overclocking for dummies, right there. Tell the software to go to Auto, restart, then use the software to pick any FSB, without a reset. Of course, it's a little buggy, setting certain FSB freqs causes a lockup; but 2.8GHz in two steps, no numbers, that's impressive.

    I'll check out what actually got changed in the BIOS.


    EDIT: What settings would affect the hibernate recovery? The power settings I have generally refer to SpeedStep, which is used when the computer is running, not hibernating.
  5. I am not really sure which settings would affect hibernate recovery if any. Don't you have a menu option called power management? Perhaps there is something in there.
  6. I'm running Vista Home Basic Edition .. accidentally hit the hibernate button instead of restart.. it wont come out of hibernation now.. what can I do?
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