How much can/should I sell this build for?

I built this PC in February with the inspiration of playing the hell out of several games, but my motivation to play has quickly diminished and I find myself no longer really caring about video games all that much. I know, blasphemy. But even Bioshock barely kept me interested, and I'm beginning to realize the gamer in me is fading, and fast. So here are the specs.

Antec P180 case
Intel e6400
ASUS P5B mobo
Seasonic 500W PSU
Radeon X1950XT 256MB
Lite-on SATA DVDR 16x
Case temp measurement
Func 1030 Surface Mousepad
Logitech Z-640 5.1 (fairly old speakers, but in good condition).
Bioshock, HL2, WoW, and BF2 included.
Drivers software included.
OS not included.

I've never overclocked it, clean it regularly, stills runs fine. Basically looking to replace it with a laptop due to general functionality and use I can get out of a laptop. So what do you guys think? I spent about 1k on the entire thing. Thinking of selling it for maybe 750-800? Too much? Too little? I mean, there are two potential game of the years in the deal, plus BF2 and WoW. You can't go wrong with that. And the system runs Bioshock at highest settings. Taking that into account, I'd atleast like to get 75% of my investment back.

What do you guys think?
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  1. The old saying comes to mine, what you want and what you get are two different things.

    eBay it with a starting price of 500, do a reserve price of 750, offer free shipping if price goes over a certain point.

    You might catch someone who doesn't have a clue.
  2. Check the price of all the parts new and then multiply by like .80
  3. Its used so I say take the current price of all parts times .5 and then pray you find a sucker willing to pay more then that.
  4. I think $500 sounds about right. Someone out there should be willing to pay $500 for a rig like that. Sucks you're not giving them an OS with it.
  5. How are you giving them WoW? Are you giving them your account? Or are you just giving them the case? Because that's kinda useless.

    It's fine that he didnt' include an OS. Most people these days have some copy of XP laying around tbh.

    I'd say 500$.
  6. Take it apart and sell each item individually. You'll get more for it. Get a hard drive utility that can write all zeroes to the drive and you can sell that too.
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