I was getting blue screens for a while so I decide to do a whole system recovery with the disks from HP. I thought this would fix the problem but now not only do I get BSOD but my computer tends to freeze every now and then. I ran a memory test and everything is fine with memory. I ran a hardware test and also says that there's nothing wrong with hardware. I've been trying to get my computer back to normal for more than a wk but Im not that much of an expert myself. Is there anything that I could do to fix this issue? Or should I just get myself another computer. I really need to fix this issue before next month because Im supposed to start school online and a computer that doesn't freeze is a requirement. I am running windows vista.
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  1. Hi lucyvaldez. You may want to write down the error codes that the BSOD is giving you and then Google the error codes which will tell you if it is hardware or software causing the issue. This will allow you to troubleshoot the problem specifically. you could also post the error codes here at the forum so that someone will help you to resolve your issue. Without the error codes you are somewhat in the dark.
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