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I'm considering a RAID-0 utilizing ICH9R for OS & Data. Then, adding a large single disk for back-up via the program MirrorFolder. MirrorFolder can be configured as software RAID-1, or as real-time or scheduled file sync. Anyone have an thoughts about weather a software RAID-1 would negate the performance of the hardware RAID-0?

I know about RAID 1+0, but I want to keep my mirror or back-up on a single drive in case I need to transfer the data to another system. For example, if the motherboard fails and an exact replacement is not available, a single drive will be more compatiable with a new board than a raid array.

I know windows supports software raid, but I like the feature set of MirrorFolder. For example, if its RAID-1 does create a significant performance hit, than I should be able to fall back to file syncs.
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  1. I am no expert on raid, but if i understand you corectly the first two drives would be in raid 0 and the third drive would make a back up. In that case your write times would be limited by the slowest component because it has to write on the raid 0 and also write on the third drive. Bassicaly you are write speed would negate the performance of the raid-0.

    Read speeds shouldn't be hurt because the third drive would not be asked to do anything.

    My guess, but I could be wrong (pretty sure I am correct on the write part, the read part is just a guess)
  2. Like my comment at loossru's thread -, RAID 1 is better than RAID 0 but that's just my opinion loading programs is as fast, if not it couldn’t be that much.

    But you may have read the discussion at Hammerbot thread.
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